Microsoft’s Phone Link app could turn an Android smartphone’s camera into a webcam – 01net

On the one hand, many webcams integrated into PCs are worthless, but on the other hand, smartphone cameras compete in terms of quality. Isn’t there a way to bridge these two universes? Yes, says Microsoft!

The cameras on our smartphones produce increasingly amazing photos and videos, while webcams on PCs project a blurry, noisy and high-contrast world. An upcoming Phone Link update aims to allow phones to be used as webcams, based on the code of the latest version of the application developed by Microsoft. This means you can access messages, calls and notifications from your smartphone on your PC.

A good head in video conferences

There is a special notification in the app code that allows the PC to stream the camera. Functions for pausing and resuming the video stream are referenced; Phone Link can also warn when the phone is getting too hot. HDR options, image stabilization, automatic framing, filters and video effects are also present.

It should be noted, however, that there is no direct reference to using the smartphone camera as a webcam. Given the type of application that connects a smartphone to the PC, it is difficult to imagine anything else. On the other hand, the app code does not, as one might imagine, indicate when this functionality will appear or whether it will be available with iPhones in addition to Android.

There is already third-party software to use a smartphone’s photo block as a webcam, such as DroidCam for Windows. On the Mac, this feature is built into Ventura’s system. With an official and free solution from Microsoft, more users will certainly be able to put their best foot forward during video conferences!

Source: Android Authority