Microsoft launches a major overhaul of OneDrive with the integration of the Copilot AI assistant and a new Fluent theme –

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Microsoft introduced the third generation of its cloud storage service Microsoft OneDrive, with the integration of AI-powered Microsoft Copilot, a redesigned web homepage, improved document sharing for businesses and more. Over and beyond. The OneDrive web application has been significantly redesigned to adapt to the Fluent design language of Windows 11 and the Microsoft 365 (Office) suite, along with a number of other features adapted to its new structure, such as AI-powered File recommendation function.

OneDrive has come a long way since its inception as a cloud storage provider. OneDrive is now at the center of your file experience in Microsoft 365. It goes beyond storing and protecting files. It also enables file sharing, collaboration and security and is used by people and organizations large and small around the world. OneDrive hosts trillions of files, and nearly 2 billion more files are added every day.

Today, OneDrive adapts to your needs as the business landscape evolves. Today, the files you work on span OneDrive, span SharePoint document libraries, travel as attachments in meeting invites, and are shared across Teams chats. You need a place where you can easily find all the files, loops, dashboards, and design boards you need to work on, no matter where they are. Today the next generation of OneDrive is officially available, a place to keep all your files at your fingertips. The next generation of OneDrive includes new file views, governance controls, authoring tools, and Copilot to help you quickly find, organize, and extract information from your files. And these new experiences aren’t just “in” OneDrive, they’re also coming to Teams and Outlook for a consistent, rich file experience in Microsoft 365. Let’s take a look at the next generation of OneDrive.

Simplified file management

The new OneDrive makes it easy to find all the files you create and share with you. Finding the files you need is now easier than ever with each of the features listed below available today in OneDrive for work and school.

OneDrive homepage: The Home experience in OneDrive for the web has been redesigned so you can quickly access your files, no matter where they are in your organization.

For her: This section at the top of the OneDrive homepage provides AI-powered file recommendations on-demand, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Meeting view: Meeting view shows your upcoming and past meetings, as well as meeting recordings and shared files. Whether these files were shared in chat or in the meeting invitation, you can find them all here.

Person view: Sometimes you don’t remember the name of a file, but rather the person who shared it with you. When searching for the right file, context is crucial. People view organizes your files by the people you work with.

Split view: All files shared with you will now appear in the Shared view, regardless of how they were shared or who shared them. This is the ideal place to find all the files you collaborate on.

Color folder: Express your personality by choosing the color of your folders and staying organized your way.

Favorites: Keeping track of important files is now easier with Favorites. You can mark any file as a favorite and access it from your favorites list in OneDrive, Teams, File Explorer, Microsoft 365 apps, and more.

Connections: For quick access to files shared with you or in shared team locations, simply create a shortcut to them in your OneDrive. This makes it easier to collect files for projects, regardless of their original location.

Simplified sharing: Sharing files and copying links is now easier to use than ever and requires fewer clicks.

Together, these intuitive features streamline file access, improve collaboration, and help you accomplish more in less time.

Copilot in OneDrive

AI is poised to transform the way you access, work with, and get value from your files in Microsoft 365.

Copilot in OneDrive: Announced in May and new in September, Copilot integrates with your files in SharePoint and OneDrive, allowing you to ask open-ended questions about an individual file or receive a content summary. You can do this without opening the file and regardless of where it is located, in OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams. Copilot in OneDrive will be available in December for all customers who have a Microsoft 365 Copilot license.

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Microsoft 365 Chat: With Microsoft 365 Chat, you can search your entire world of Microsoft 365 data, including your files in OneDrive and SharePoint. When you ask a question, all of your content is linked together to bring together and provide the information you need.

The future of Copilot in OneDrive: Now let’s see what the future of Copilot looks like in OneDrive. The Microsoft team is working on new Copilot skills to help you find what you’re looking for and stay organized. Imagine you’ve just started working on a new project called Munson and need to get up to speed quickly. You ask Copilot: “View all files shared with me on the Munson Project in the last week.” Once Copilot has helped you find the relevant files, it understands that it might make sense to move them to a new folder to add. Copilot then adds these files to the new folder and recommends other files related to the Munson project that were not part of your original search so that you can add them to the newly created folder. What started as a simple natural language search has now become your personal library of knowledge about the Munson Project.

If you want to share these files with others, Copilot can create summaries that you can include in the sharing links to give your colleagues more context. Finally, Copilot can make it easier than ever to find out about important updates to your content. Imagine a daily summary in OneDrive that shows new files shared with you, changes to files you shared, new comments, documents relevant to upcoming meetings, and suggested follow-up actions.

The future of Copilot in OneDrive will help you collect, manage and transfer knowledge in less time than ever before. The Microsoft team is excited about the possibilities Copilot offers and looks forward to sharing more information in the coming months.

Improve security and governance

With the shift to distributed work and the increase in file sharing, the importance of security has skyrocketed. New tools in the SharePoint Advanced Management (SAM) add-on allow administrators to protect content from overexposure, restrict access when necessary, control sharing, and even help migrate content safely. Security during mergers and acquisitions. Unless otherwise noted, each of the following features is currently available to customers worldwide.

Detailed Conditional Access Policies: You may want to refine the access requirements for people who use sensitive files so that they do not inadvertently access and disclose sensitive information. For example, if a person frequently works with sensitive files, you can now add multi-factor authentication to the site so that it only affects that person’s access conditions.

Limited access control: When users share files, they allow others inside and outside your organization to access those files. The OneDrive Limited Access Control policy lets you prevent people from accessing files shared in specific OneDrive accounts by restricting OneDrive access to members of a specific security group. For example, if you discover that people have access to certain sensitive files, you can restrict access so that only users in a specific security group have access to them.

Move OneDrive accounts from one tenant to another: Mergers, acquisitions and divestitures are a fact of life and many companies face them. In these scenarios, you may need to move OneDrive accounts from one tenant to another. With cross-tenant OneDrive migration, you can now easily move OneDrive accounts from one tenant to another and any existing sharing links will continue to work with the redirection feature.

Download blocking policy: As a SharePoint admin or global admin in Microsoft 365, you can block Teams files and meeting recordings from being downloaded from SharePoint or OneDrive sites. This feature can be set for individual locations, but not at the organization level. When enabled, users only have access to the browser and cannot download, print, or sync files.

Information about collaboration: External collaboration is the primary source of data leakage due to accidental sharing. You can now identify user-centric collaboration and sharing patterns in your organization.

Export data for OneDrive sync client management reports: For data-driven administrators, the team is excited to announce that synchronized management reports on volume, health, errors, and more will be available as part of Microsoft Graph Data Connect for SharePoint. Once data is available in Azure, administrators can flexibly analyze, visualize, and report on it using Azure data tools such as Azure Synapse and Power BI. This feature will be available in public preview in January 2024.

These tools allow administrators to protect content from intentional or unintentional disclosure.

Improved search for consumer photos

If you use OneDrive for personal use, there’s some exciting news about the photo features of the consumer version of OneDrive. A big step forward has been taken in finding your important photos.

Search for people: The most important photos we have are of the people we care about. Therefore, a new feature has been introduced that allows you to search or browse photos based on the people in them. With your permission, OneDrive can find photos based on the names you give to the people in your photos.

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Natural language photo search: Natural language search is also integrated into your photos. Just type in what you’re looking for and OneDrive will find it. This search goes far beyond object recognition. You can ask them to find specific places, environments, objects and people in a single search. For example, if you’re looking for a specific photo, you can search for “fall camping in the mountains with Caroline” and you’ll see the images you’re looking for.1696454679 502 Microsoft launches a major overhaul of OneDrive with the integration

These AI-powered search capabilities will be available to consumers in a limited preview on OneDrive for web and the OneDrive mobile app starting this month. This feature is scheduled to be presented in public preview in early 2024.

The next generation of OneDrive is here and it’s easier than ever to access, manage and use our content in Microsoft 365. Thank you for all your contributions and valuable feedback.

Source : Microsoft

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