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Microsoft’s word processing software, introduced on October 25, 1983, is celebrating its fortieth anniversary. On this occasion, the Redmond company conducts an introspection of Word and discusses the new functions that the utility will offer.

Word passes the quarantine milestone. Microsoft’s word processing software, introduced on October 25, 1983, has just celebrated its 40th anniversary. While Microsoft calls 1983 “a sort of golden age for PC users,” the company amusingly nods to Apple. It recalls the release of the Lisa in the same year, a machine that “fundamentally reinvents what a personal computer could be.”

On the occasion of this somewhat special anniversary, Microsoft reviewed the most important developments in its tool, which has now become one of the most used word processing applications in the world. From the introduction of Word in 1983 to the introduction of the Proofing module in Word 97, including the redesign of the user interface and the introduction of the Ribbon in Word 2003 and 2007, the Redmond company traces the key steps that contributed to the success of its tool . And to trace the history of Word, the Redmond company has released a timeline that goes back to the latest features introduced in Microsoft 365, paving the way for new features in the tool.

Word 40. Timeline updated©Microsoft

Microsoft has big plans for Word

Microsoft clearly has no intention of resting on its laurels. The American company states that it “wants to ensure that Word continues to evolve to help users perform all writing and reading tasks.” […] as efficient as possible” reveals his ambitions for Word. Without going into all the details, it introduces the new features expected in Word in the near future. With this she explains that she wants to further develop her copilot, but also continue to invest in the web version of Word. Microsoft also intends to continue its work on improving the collaborative features of its tool and offering developers better tools, particularly to “support personalized workflows.”

Proving that Word can still be improved even after forty years of existence, Microsoft launched a long-awaited new feature a few months ago. A new keyboard shortcut has actually been introduced into the utility that allows you to insert simple text into a document. As simple as this new feature is, Microsoft has so far neglected this desire of users, who were then forced to navigate Word menus to achieve their goals.

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