Meta Quest 3: When Mixed Reality Becomes the Subject of Controversy – Futura

Meta’s first Quest 3 headsets have arrived in users’ hands. Some wanted to test the limits of mixed reality functionality and were not afraid to wear the headset in public and film passers-by without their knowledge and then distribute the videos on social networks.

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“Glassholes” have been making a comeback in recent days… The term, which is made up of the word “glass” and an insult, refers to a certain number of users of Google Glass glasses, which were used at the time . On-board camera to film people without their knowledge. This time, Meta’s new mixed reality headset is highlighted.

It’s been a week since the first users received the Meta Quest 3, the main new feature of which is the improved passthrough, also known as the Real Camera function. Thanks to high-resolution color cameras, it is possible to see the real world without removing the headset, paving the way for mixed reality. The image quality is more than sufficient for everyday activities and some people immediately wanted to test the limits by going out in public with their new headset.

It’s hard to know if the person wearing the helmet is filming

User @kukurio59 on TikTokTikTok filmed himself waiting for the elevator while other people were nearby. @CixLiv posted a video on Twitter showing him entering a coffee shop with his Meta Quest 3 in hand and then ordering a “latte,” all filmed in first person. At the beginning the address of the restaurant is visible, the employee and other customers are filmed without their knowledge. Another user posted several videos taken at New York Comic-Con to threads, with many more people visible.

With mixed reality, the cameras are constantly running so the wearer can see what is around them. In this case, how do you know if someone wearing headphones is recording a video? The white light, which is on by default, flashes slowly, a rather inconspicuous indicator. The good news is at least that, unlike Google Glass, the Meta Quest 3 doesn’t go unnoticed. If you come across someone on the street with a helmet full of cameras covering their eyes, the easiest thing to do is to keep your distance.