Meta integrates an AI-powered image editor and image generator into Facebook and Instagram – Futura

Facebook and Instagram are getting two new tools based on artificial intelligence. Meta announced an image editor based entirely on text queries and a video generator that is still quite simple but perfect for social networks.

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[EN VIDÉO] Artificial intelligence that adjusts the shooting angle of the photo. Interactive point-based manipulation of the generative image collector. © DraGAN Project

Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is actively working on artificial intelligence to offer its own alternatives to chatbots like ChatGPT or image generators like Midjourney. However, unlike its competitors, the company is content with announcements without making AI available to the general public. At least until now.

After announcing its Emu AI (Expressive Media Universe) for image generation in September, Meta has now introduced two new tools that will be integrated directly into Facebook and Instagram. The first and most impressive feature is called Emu Edit and it allows you to edit your images before publishing. The peculiarity compared to other similar tools is that the AI ​​is not only integrated into Meta’s social networks, but also works entirely through a command prompt.

An image editor and animation generator

Describe the changes you want and the AI ​​will take care of it. It is not even necessary to select the area to edit. A priori, the tool appears to be based on Meta’s AI Segment Anything Model (SAM), announced in April, which allows the identification of objects in an image. Simply ask the AI ​​to change the background, replace an object (e.g. turning the liquid in a glass or the glass itself into a golden goblet) or remove it, or even change facial expressions. Unlike other AIs, Emu Edit is designed for precise editing. The example given by Meta is adding text to a cap, which otherwise does not change the cap.

Meta also announced Emu Video, which lets you generate short animated sequences from a command prompt, an improved version of Make-A-Video. In other words: Images are created quite unrealistically like in the first versions of Dall-E or Midjourney, but in the form of animated GIFs that only last a few seconds. Mark Zuckerberg posted a demonstration of the capabilities of these two tools on Facebook. At this point, Meta has not yet clarified when these features will be available on Facebook and Instagram.