Meta AI: A new competitor to Google Bard and ChatGPT is coming – Frandroid

Meta is investing as much as possible in artificial intelligence and will be a direct competitor to Google Bard and ChatGPT.

Meta AI A new competitor to Google Bard and ChatGPTThe Meta AI Assistant // Source: Meta

Meta has just declared war on Google’s core activity: answering internet users’ questions. Mark Zuckerberg’s company is investing heavily in artificial intelligence and has introduced several tools for this area. Emu will compete with Midjourney and offer you the ability to generate images. Meta AI responds to ChatGPT and Google Bard.

This new conversation assistant will be presented during Meta Connect and will be available on WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, but also on the new Meta Ray-Ban glasses and the Meta Quest 3.

Answer all your questions

This new assistant answers your questions based on “real-time information.” To this end, Meta has partnered with Bing, Microsoft’s search engine already powered by OpenAI’s AI. Meta uses the Llama 2 model presented in July 2023, which has the advantage of being open source and must comply with GPT-4.

Imagine you and your friends are in a group chat discussing the trailhead of a trail you want to try in Santa Cruz. Meta AI displays options directly in the chat so you can decide as a group where to explore.

With Meta AI, Emu also lets you generate images from text, like MidJourney.

1695841355 740 Meta AI A new competitor to Google Bard and ChatGPTMeta AI should also generate images // Source: Meta

Initially, Meta AI will be limited to the USA. Hopefully the company can continue to develop its Assistant in new regions very quickly so that we can compare it with solutions from Microsoft and Google. Although AI has proven its usefulness for certain use cases, it still has a hard time convincing people when it comes to answering current questions. Like Google Bard, they tend to invent things very quickly.

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