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At the intersection of excellence, Mase Partners proves to be an innovative answer to the challenges of modern business management.

Three experts; three competence centers around people and risk management

The Mase Partners adventure arises from the shared ambition of three partners, experts in their respective fields, to combine their talents. This professional triptych, consisting of Sébastien Rochat, Laurent Zuchuat and Aurore Bévalot, is based on the cornerstones of any company striving for resilience: risk compliance, IT and processes, and human capital. With the combined experience of several decades, the three specialists shape the contours of a company in which people are at the center of the strategic chess game. Mase Partners presents itself as a cocoon in which the metamorphosis of organizations takes shape, taking into account the needs of competitiveness in an ever-changing market. The trio’s credo? Provide tailored support where listening, congruence and pragmatism coupled with excellence transform challenges into success. Whether targeted intervention or comprehensive management of the problems of customer organizations, these alchemists of the modern economy guide their customers – from start-ups to multinational corporations – through the twists and turns of regulation, IT, processes, without forgetting human capital, the priceless treasure of one every business enterprise, regardless of its size and the nature of its activities.

Workplace well-being and performance: an inseparable pair

Aurore Bévalot, psychologist and coach-expert in mental health in the workplace, leads the Human Capital department at Mase Partners. Its mission is to advise and train customer companies with the aim of implementing tailor-made solutions that are adapted to the modern challenges of the world of work. The problems it faces are many: intergenerational and cultural differences, promoting psychological safety in the workplace, combating absenteeism, strategies to address recruitment problems, creating policies to compensate for talent shortages, etc. For Aurore, these challenges always reflect the performance goals of the company. After analyzing in depth the problems, the existing strategies and the goals to be achieved, she designs tailor-made programs to optimize organizational effectiveness through conferences, training and coaching. His approach is one of kindness and respect, providing valuable support to middle management and management teams, focusing on continuous improvement rather than systematic rebuilding of the foundations and work done.

To illustrate her approach, Aurore recently supported a startup with multicultural teams (South America, Europe, Asia) by organizing co-development sessions for managers every three weeks via video conference. These two-hour sessions made it possible to establish a common communication framework and thus strengthen company culture and team performance.

Radical openness and congruence: the key to authenticity in management

Based on the wisdom of “radical openness,” a concept championed by Kim Scott, a former Apple executive, Aurore Bévalot revolutionizes communication in the corporate environment by building bridges between business goals and human problems. With an empathetic approach, she offers middle managers, often caught up in different expectations, tools she has developed to easily navigate between strategic directives and the aspirations of on-site teams. It promotes a form of leadership that celebrates authenticity and humanity and invites congruence, where thoughts and feelings are reflected in actions and words with integrity.

Among other things, Aurore cultivates collective intelligence in groups or individuals through her coaching sessions, laying the foundation for innovative and pragmatic solutions that increase both the well-being of employees and the efficiency of organizations. His webinars and training specifically address issues of intergenerational and cultural differences, mental health in the workplace, management at the intersection of generations and cultures, and the dynamics of team communication, while carefully addressing the specific needs of each client. .

Through her YouTube channel L’Aparté Psy, the psychologist spreads her beliefs and expertise on mental health and psychology, touching on topics that are close to her heart and reflect the spirit of the times, always in mind to convey a more enlightened and kinder personal conscience.

Mase Partners supports professionals with the challenges they face to develop their resilience by turning their limitations into opportunities.