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98 inch, mini-LED, AI α8, webOS Re:New… LG is full of new features with its new QNED series.

Source: LG Electronics

Shortly before the start of CES 2024, LG is launching its new QNED series. They have a huge 98-inch model, but they don’t forget those who have less space with screens from 43 to 86 inches. Apparently there are other changes.

Mini LED, AI α8, webOS Re:New…

As a reminder, QNED is LCD. There is the standard QNED (with Quantum Nanocell, Quantum Dots like Samsung) and the QNED Mini-LED. So what’s up with that? The big deal here is the mini LED.

Imagine thousands of small diodes working to provide a more accurate image. This makes blacks deeper and colors brighter while using less energy. LG gives us some eye-catching numbers: a contrast of 1,000,000:1 with 2500 dimming zones on their mini LED TVs. But be careful, it’s a dynamic contrast, so let’s wait until we see it in real life.

The heart of this television is the α8 AI processor. It is he who manages everything that has to do with image using sophisticated AI. We’re promised up to 1.3x faster artificial intelligence performance, and on the graphics side it’s 2.6x better. When it comes to sound, LG doesn’t miss out with its AI Sound Pro for improved sound. Additionally, if you have an LG soundbar, you can sync it with the TV to enhance the experience even further. It’s called the WOW Orchestra feature and it integrates the soundbar with the TV speakers for a better surround experience.

LG also surprises with webOS Re:New. Basically, the latest Smart TV updates are available to you for five years. And for those on the Android team, good news: Chromecast is finally coming to LG TVs in 2024.

And otherwise, yes, pricing and availability details will be announced at CES. Patience.

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