LG Gram 2024: Korean laptops switch to Intel Core Ultra processors for CES 2024 – Frandroid

LG is already at CES 2024, here is the new range of Gram Pro laptops.

LG Gram 2024 // Source: LG

LG continues to make its mark on the ultraportable market with its Gram series, a range known for its lightness and sleek design. In preparation for CES 2024, the brand is planning a significant refresh of this range, incorporating notable technological advancements and further diversifying options for users.

The new Intel Core Ultra processors

At the heart of this new product range, LG relies on Intel Core Ultra processors from the Meteor Lake family, which promise significant improvements in performance and energy efficiency.

This upgrade is particularly noticeable on the first LG Gram Pro laptops, which feature 16 or 17-inch screens. These models come with either an Intel Arc iGPU or an additional Nvidia RTX 3050 dGPU (for the 16-inch model), the latter with 4GB of dedicated GDDR6 video memory.

A product for every need

The 16-inch LG Gram Pro features an OLED panel (2880 x 1800 pixels, 120 Hz) or an IPS LCD panel (2560 x 1600 pixels, 144 Hz), offering options for lovers of vibrant colors or higher Refresh rate. Configurations vary between an Intel Arc iGPU for those who value autonomy and lightness and a dedicated Nvidia RTX 3050 graphics card for those who demand the highest levels of graphics performance.

1703781617 21 LG Gram 2024 Korean laptops switch to Intel Core UltraLG Gram Pro 2024 // Source: LG

The 17-inch model remains more traditional with a single LCD panel and is undoubtedly aimed at a target group that is less concerned with extreme portability and is looking for a high-quality visual experience on a large screen.

At the same time, with the LG Gram 14 and LG Gram 15, LG does not abandon the more traditional formats and offers IPS LCD panels in Full HD resolution, thus targeting an audience looking for a more accessible solution, of course, but always with the new Intel processors.

1703781618 620 LG Gram 2024 Korean laptops switch to Intel Core UltraLG Gram Pro 2-in-1 2024 // Source: LG

Finally, the LG Gram Pro 2-in-1 adds unprecedented flexibility to the range as its hinge allows use in tablet or laptop mode and is available in both LCD and OLED for a 16-inch panel. In reality, the latter is a 16-inch LG Gram Pro with a sturdier hinge, which shaves a few grams off the scale.

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