Letters to the editor: A resident of Angoumois is outraged by the installation of the Ange franchise next to the Amie du Pain – Charente Libre bakery

“Mr Mayor, we know that your scope is limited (1)and we excuse you (until when?) for not always doing much, because we know you can’t do much… So when you make a decision that affects the economic, social and health life of a neighborhood , we would dream that you would ensure that all available neurons in your team are functioning as well as possible!!!

I often walk (it’s very good for my health) the route that separates my home from the independent bakery “L’Amie du Pain” on Bordeaux Street, which stands out for the quality of its products, the honesty of its work and the Breadth of their work Its opening hours and the smile of its welcome perfectly meet what we can expect from a local business… What urgency was there to give your consent to open right next door? Is it a terminal for the production of industrial products that I don’t want to call a bakery? They have allowed the creation of a franchise with aggressive methods (handing out free baguettes on opening day in front of the baker next door) that employs only “bullshit jobs” (I use the anglicism intentionally because this type of business is snacking !), which sells products saturated with sugar and salt intended to aid in the development of diabetes and obesity in a population enslaved to this deadly but terrifyingly effective philosophy…

Having had the privilege of reading some books and listening to some great minds, I will continue to visit L’Amie du Pain frequently and try to never speak informally to the neighbor… And I will take the same approach with the next ones Choose. I knew that you were more inspired, Mr. Mayor, when you supported Philippe Lhomme in his fight against the expansion of the commercial areas of Champniers… I refuse to believe that it was only out of electoral calculations that allowed you to oppose it pose most of the time. I thought you had taken the opportunity to understand the devastating social, environmental and health impacts of such an economic model… What a disappointment! One more!… One too many? “.

(1) In fact, recalled Philippe Vergnaud, delegate for trade and crafts in the CL article, “as long as the urban planning rules are respected, we cannot oppose an opening.” In addition, only brands that have a sales area of ​​at least 1000 m2, the Departmental Commercial Development Commission (CDAC).