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Leonardo da Vinci School of Management
Foundation, endowment 1995
Art Commercial School
Language regime French, 3rd year (A year is a unit of time that expresses the duration between two events of a related event…) in English
City (A city is an urban unit (a “human settlement” for…) Paris (Paris is a French city, capital of France and capital of the region…) – La Défense
Land (land comes from the Latin word “pagus,” which denoted a territorial and tribal division of expanse…) Flag of FranceFrance
Campus (A campus (from the Latin word for field) means the space that comes together…) Leonardo da Vinci University Center,
2, Avenue Léonard de Vinci, Courbevoie
director Elizabeth Laurent
Key figures
students 1,500
Website (Internet is the global computer network that makes services available to the public…) www.emlv.fr/

L’Leonardo da Vinci School of Management (EMLV) is a Bac + 5 business school founded in 1995 and based in Leonardo da Vinci University Center, in Paris La Defense. The campus also houses a Engineering school (ESILV), a Multimedia Project Management School (IIM) and some Masters in Finance from the University of Paris-Dauphine (University of Paris-Dauphine (official name: Technical University in…)) and the Skema Business School (SKEMA Business School is a large school resulting from the merger of the ESC Lille emerged from the group and the…).

The course is completed in 5 years and the diploma (The Diploma (Ancient Greek: δίπλωµα, diploma…) is aimed at Bac+4 by the state.

The first cycle

EMLV, Leonardo da Vinci School of Management, offers a course with an emphasis on basic management teaching at the beginning of the course and progression towards professional teaching. After a common core of two years and a third year entirely in English, students choose an axis: ” Marketing trade “,” Management and Human Resources ” Or ” Financial management control », then a “professional option” in the fifth year.

During the cycles, exercises are conducted in small groups to teach students about teamwork. At the end of the course, this work culminates in “junior consultant projects” that are carried out on behalf of companies.

During the first three-year Bachelor’s cycle, the acquisition (in general, acquisition is the act that consists of obtaining information or learning something) of the fundamentals of management, the personal development of the student and practical applications of the course of study are combined, a The virtual Business start-up project must be carried out by students in groups. Cultural courses (UNESCO defines culture as follows: [1] 🙂 General and political economy complement these lessons to develop critical thinking and encourage open-mindedness in students. Please note that students will take part in a sporting activity of their choice as part of their training.

The 3rd year of the bachelor’s degree at EMLV, Management school after high schoolIf it is international, the student has the choice of completing an internship (an internship is usually a training, learning or development phase…) in a foreign country or taking courses offered by partner universities in many countries.

International Exchange

In the third year there is the opportunity to study abroad for one or two semesters at more than 40 partner universities in the following countries: Germany, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, South Korea (southeast is a direction opposite to the north). ), Denmark, Spain, United States, Finland, Ireland, Iceland (Iceland (in Icelandic Ísland, literally “Land of…”), Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden.

Double degree agreements:

  • the Franco-Italian diploma of the Polytechnic School of Turin (Turin (Türìn in Piedmontese – Torino in Italian) is a city, capital of…),
  • the German-French diploma from Reutlingen University,
  • the Franco-Spanish diploma from the University of San Pablo in Madrid (Madrid is the capital of Spain. The largest and most populous city in the country is…),
  • the Franco-British degree of the South Bank University of London (London (in English: London – /?l?nd?n/) is both the capital and largest city…).