Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad 2024 debuts with 11-inch screen and 8GB of RAM for under $130 – notebookcheck.biz

Lenovo has officially moved its latest Android tablet from official preview to launch status. The Xiaoxin Pad 2024 tablet packs a 7,040mAh battery into a body that is just 7.1mm high and weighs 465g, supporting an FHD/90Hz display.

It was announced at a typical price of just 1,099 yuan (~$151) with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of expandable storage – or starting at 899 yuan (~$123) until October 31, 2023.

The Pad 2024 will be accompanied in its debut by the new Xiaoxin Smart Monitor 25, a new 25-inch IPS screen with a 100 Hz refresh rate, latency of just 4 milliseconds, and the same health ratings as the new tablet at the time of its price the presentation of the device at 599 yuan (82 US dollars) (82 US dollars) at the time of writing.

These two new devices were introduced alongside less traditional examples, namely Xiaoxin xiaoxin. One of them is a new double-ended device. One of those is a new Type-A/Type-C dual-ended USB flash drive with speeds of up to 400MB/s that can also double as a toy thanks to its new “compression disk” form factor.

This unusual new anti-stress memory accessory has an MSRP of 169 yuan ($23), but can be ordered in China, Lenovo’s home country, for just 139 yuan ($19) for a limited time.

These products, together with the new 100S projector, complete the product range of the Xiaoxin brand, a high-tech cat litter box with an automatic internal deodorizer and a floor-mounted poop tray that aims to make pet ownership smarter and more enjoyable for 699 yuan ($96) ( 96 USD).

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