Las Vegas: A serial thief steals more than $7,000 worth of Lego – TVA Nouvelles

Every thief has his favorite item, and for one Las Vegas man it was Lego. The latter was allegedly caught by police after stealing 32 sets with a total value of over $7,000 (or more than $9,400 CAD).

Alan Horvatich allegedly committed his crimes 13 times at two Target stores before he was finally arrested last Tuesday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) said.

According to the Las Vegas Review – Journal, the man entered the store to get the Lego sets before fleeing through the emergency exit. Sometimes accompanied by a woman, he allegedly repeated his ruse between July 25 and Sept. 11, LVMPD said.

In total, 32 boxes of Lego worth between $139.99 and $430 (between CA$188.78 and CA$579.86) were allegedly stolen. There were sets with Star Wars, Super Mario, Indiana Jones and Transformers. Accordingly, the man is said to have stolen toys worth US$7,090.67 (CAD9,561.77).

“Lego sets are usually stolen and resold for profit through various outlets such as online shops or flea markets,” police said in their report, which was shared with local media.

Alan Horvatich will return to court next Monday.