Kiméyan Foundation: significant donations and arrival of a new CEO – La Nouvelle Union

The Kiméyan Foundation announced a net profit of $16,136.13 at its first-ever “La Chevauchée” fundraising dinner, receipt of a donation of $14,604.90 from Rock la Cauze, as well as several donations and other contributions totaling $14,604.90 $9,018.97. The Foundation also announced the arrival of a new Director General, Sophie Beauchesne.

“La Chevauchée” charity dinner.

Against the enchanting backdrop of the Kiméyan Ranch, visitors were able to enjoy an excellent dinner on June 1st, accompanied by a show by Rick Hughes and his guests. This evening was crowned with success.

Rock la Cauze

The Foundation is pleased to receive a donation of $14,604.90 from the Rock la Cauze event to support its mission.


The Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Sophie Beauchesne as its new Director General. She replaces Marco Turcotte, who becomes a founding member. The Kiméyan Foundation would like to sincerely thank all donors, volunteers and everyone who made this donation and benefit possible. “Together we will help advance our mission and help those in need. » To find out more about the Kiméyan Foundation or to make a donation with the option of a receipt, simply visit