Kia Tasman: Pickup rumors come true – RPM

A lot of new information emerged from the event Kia EV tag, which took place with the media in Seoul last week. During this event, the manufacturer also announced its intention to market the EV5 in our market. Then two more concepts were introduced, the Kia EV3 and the Kia EV4. Now we learn that Kia has spoken to certain local journalists about its future van.

Is the Kia Tasman sold here?

At least that’s what the Australian media Carsales reported. Her article claims to have spoken to Kia’s stylist, Karim Habib (originating in Montreal) regarding the arrival of an intermediate transporter from the manufacturer. According to Mr Habib’s announcement, Kia is about to launch its launch campaign, meaning a concept preview could soon be revealed to the world.

As for the name TasmanAlthough Kia has not confirmed anything yet, some media outlets claim that the manufacturer has filed this name with the Australian and New Zealand trademark offices, but our research on this matter has not yielded anything concrete.

Given that the news was leaked to Australian media, this could mean that this mystery pickup is only intended for this market where mid-size pickup trucks enjoy impressive popularity. However, if the Ford Ranger and Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon can serve as inspiration – pickup trucks originally designed for this market – it wouldn’t be impossible for Kia to import the Tasman here at some point.

Hyundai20 Santa20 Cruz20202220003
Hyundai Santa Cruz Photo provided by: Hyundai

Completely different from Santa Cruz

According to our sources, the Kia Tasman is not a mechanical clone of its corporate cousin, the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Unlike the Hyundai, which is a unit body pickup, the Kia pickup would be mounted on a steel frame, like most competitors in the midsize pickup truck world (with the exception of the Honda Ridgeline). It would also be more powerful than the more compact Santa Cruz model.

Such a configuration would, again based on the preliminary information we received, allow the Tasman to tow up to 3,500 kilos (7,716 pounds), which would position it at the top of its category. Its payload, in turn, would be estimated at 1,000 kilos (2,204 pounds), an impressive figure for the segment.

Kia20 Telluride202022
Kia Telluride Photo provided by: Kia

As for the powertrain, there are rumors that the Tasman will be powered by a diesel engine, a configuration that is unlikely for our market. Here, Kia could instead borrow existing combustion engines, like the 3.8-liter V6 that currently powers the Telluride. However, during the interview with Karim Habib, Carsales reportedly got wind that an electric version was in the works.

This is what we know so far about the Kia pickup. We will continue to monitor the matter closely and will contact you with full details as they become available.