Just published: CONVERGENCE No. 205 – the magazine for culture and digital business – Lien Multimedia

January 1, 2024, 12:15 a.m

| Article written by
Steve Laprise.

The Lien MULTIMDIA team presents the 205th issue of CONVERGENCE, the magazine for business and digital culture. This 75-page magazine is available as a PDF download and is optimized for reading on a tablet or computer screen. This issue features artists and entrepreneurs interviewed by our journalists, including Martin Lemay of Honest Demon about the video game “The Last Citadel” (on the cover), Antabon Fredy Some of Baobab, Sofian Audry of UQAM and Hexagram, Philippe Nadeau from DigiHub Shawinigan, Noah Redler from Arche Innovation, Annie Martineau from Neuro Solutions, Thibault Renouf from Arrivage and several others.


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  • Glitchhikers: The Spaces Between creates a space for queer and sensitive reflection
  • Baobab Games offers a dive into African culture with “Dion”.
  • The Last Citadel, a first game for Honest Demon, also features feedback from its players
  • “Knit’s Island”, a documentary filmed by avatars in a video game
  • Ohme combines science, art and innovation
  • Sofian Audry looks at AI from the artist’s perspective


  • Noah Redler presents Arche Innovation
  • Yoshua Bengio and Marc-Antoine Dilhac discuss the challenges and risks of generative AI
  • Towards creating a caring AI ecosystem
  • Philippe Nadeau relies on the digital twin for the future of our health


  • Whether or not generative AI should be used in a creative teaching context
  • Alice Demaret believes in connecting AI with citizens
  • Annie Martineau became a woman in technology through the force of circumstances
  • Thibault Renouf wants to create short circuits to better support farmers and artisans


CONVERGENCE magazine was founded in January 2000 at the suggestion of the newsletter Le Lien MULTIMDIA, published to its subscribers since 1994. It remains today the only magazine in Quebec dedicated exclusively to digital and technological culture here and elsewhere. It is produced without any government support and survives solely thanks to the support of its advertisers, subscribers and partners, to whom we sincerely thank.

CONVERGENCE is published 12 times a year in a digital format optimized for reading on tablets, computers and mobile devices (downloadable PDF). Each issue consists of between 60 and 100 pages, enriched with video content and podcasts.