iPhone 16 and 16 Plus would not achieve a 90 Hz refresh rate in 2024 – notebookcheck.biz

The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus launched with screens the same size as the 15 Pro and Pro Max, respectively, and were also upgraded with the same Dynamic Island technology for the first time. However, Apple has decided to keep the two vanilla flagships in a different way in 2023.

The Cupertino giant gave them 120Hz resolution on its latest Pro Series screens, but forgot about the Series 15 in the same range, so both devices had a 60Hz refresh rate. Meanwhile, new Android devices with AMOLED displays that can run faster at 90Hz are available on Amazon today (November 19, 2023) for less than $200.

Today, according to a new post from Naver, the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are not expected to become more competitive in this regard. The company claims that they will launch with screens of 6.12 inches and 6.69 inches respectively (i.e. latest generation dimensions), with “improvements to certain parts of the device”.

Some, but not all, but also those that would allow a refresh rate above 60 Hz are apparently among those that will still be excluded in 2024. Therefore, Apple fans are likely to be looking for cheaper upgrade options. The whole thing is rounded off by the Series 16 screens, which look exactly the same as their predecessors, at least from the front.