iPhone 15 Pro Max, the test of Apple’s new smartphone, lighter, more powerful – Fugen

Like every new school year, Apple renews the iPhone range and offers a version 15, available in Pro and Pro Max. We tested the iPhone Pro Max, the most complete and powerful model.

First steps
At first glance, the difference to the 14 Pro Max doesn’t seem to be big. However, once you start, you can measure the changes. From now on, the structure of the phone is made of titanium (aerospace grade, says the manufacturer). The strips of this metal cover a substructure made from 100% recycled aluminum. This makes the iPhone noticeably lighter, has a more pleasant feel and rounder edges. This large format fits better in a jacket pocket. The 6.7-inch screen benefits from increased brightness. Even in direct sunlight it is not defective.

A new button
The new action button is located on the side in place of the small switch that allowed you to switch from ringing to silent, and allows you to trigger shortcuts. A long press opens the selection: the camera, the voice recorder, the flashlight, concentration mode… Practical if you want to take a quick photo, because the button not only opens the camera, but you can also use it to trigger it.

USB-C port
This is the other big development for iPhones. Here they are now equipped with a USB-C port like the competition. Gone is the Lightning socket, which was previously reserved for the Apple brand. We can well imagine that the European Union’s decision to require all manufacturers to harmonize their chargers by 2024 prompted Apple to take the step. Europe actually wants to simplify consumers’ lives and avoid the duplication of cables in order to combat waste. A plus point that allows, in particular, faster data transfers or even connecting your phone to a screen to play or read a video. Note that the iPhone Pro Max now supports Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, offering better wireless performance including twice the speed.

And here is the new A17 Pro chip. With this, Apple wants to maintain its leading position in the smartphone chip sector. The GPU (processor) is up to 20% faster and delivers even more immersive experiences for video games and augmented reality. With accessories that attach to the smartphone, the iPhone 15 Pro is becoming more and more like a portable gaming console. The chip’s power allows it to run console titles that have never been ported to smartphones before, such as Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, Death Stranding and Assassin’s Creed Mirage4. We saw her filming and the result is very convincing.

And Zoom
If version 14 of the Pro Max allowed you to take excellent photos, it clearly lacked a fairly powerful optical zoom. This gap is filled by the 15 Pro Max, which offers a 5x optical zoom, allowing you to capture much better quality distant photos and portraits. The camera also benefits from the performance of the A17 Pro chip, which strengthens the seven professional lenses. The quality is there in portrait mode, macro mode and night mode. The same goes for video, which offers quasi-professional possibilities. By quickly transferring large amounts of data via USB-C, the iPhone will compete with cinema cameras at a significantly lower cost and smaller footprint.

After a week of testing, the 15 Pro Max is more powerful, but performs just as well as its predecessor. With normal use, you can expect a battery life of almost 27 hours. Overheating? Social networks seem to be on fire on this topic. The iPhone 15 Pro Max tends to heat up. Its new titanium structure is questionable. We tested it in a video game and while playing a movie. If after intensive use you can feel the heat a little, this is clearly not a handicap and the feeling disappears completely with a cover. Seen with use and aging.

With these remarkable developments, the iPhone is catching up with the competition in terms of photography and connectivity. With its incredibly high-quality screen, the 15 Pro Max is a work and entertainment device that is hard to do without once you have it in your hands.

INFO: https://www.apple.com