iPhone 15 Pro Max: According to DXOMARK, only one smartphone performs better in photos, but you don’t want that – Frandroid

The iPhone 15 Pro Max receives the second best camera rating (photo/video) at DXOMARK, just behind the Huawei P60 Pro.

iPhone 15 Pro Max According to DXOMARK only one smartphoneThe iPhone 15 Pro Max // Source: Apple

The iPhone 15 Pro Max has recently been available. Despite its high price, it is the center of attention as it holds new photography promises for Apple smartphones. This inevitably aroused the curiosity of the specialist in the field, DXOMARK, which has just published its test.

This means that the iPhone 15 Pro Max achieves a camera score of 154 and, according to DXOMARK, takes second place in the overall ranking of the best smartphones in photos and videos. The Huawei P60 Pro therefore remains number 1 with a score of 156. However, we cannot recommend it because it does not have 5G or Google services.

As a reminder, although you would be led to believe that there are seven lenses, the iPhone 15 Pro Max has three cameras, including a telephoto lens that offers x5 optical zoom and a very versatile 48 Mpx main sensor.

DXOMARK praises the overall performance of the iPhone 15 Pro Max in this area: “excellent in both photos and videos”.

It impresses with its precise exposure, its brilliant brightness and its good contrast performance. The camera is also great for shooting portraits, capturing precise details and beautifully reproducing skin tones.

The expert points out that, compared to other smartphone manufacturers, Apple does not rely on state-of-the-art hardware, but rather on first-class technology that reflects all of its know-how. make the American brand.

The best smartphone for videos

The iPhone 15 Pro Max naturally climbs to second place in the general DXOMARK ranking. However, he is the undisputed great video champion. With a score of 158 in this area, it significantly surpasses its predecessor iPhone 14 Pro Max (149), which took first place in the video at the time.

DXOMARK praises “remarkable” 4K recording at 60 fps with variable frame rate and Dolby Vision “for stunning HDR quality.” The cinematic mode and the action mode (which strengthens the stabilization) also receive a lot of praise.

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