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The iPhone 15 is obviously the benchmark smartphone for this 2023. And it will remain that way for 2024 until the release of the next model in September. What can we criticize about a model that has the latest technologies, seemingly unrivaled performance and, above all, is extremely easy to use, no matter what your expectations? Want to edit your photos with Photoshop like a pro? A simple swipe of your finger on your iPhone 15 is enough! Do you want to play the most demanding video games in 3D? The iPhone 15 even supports ray tracing, imagine how efficient it is!

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The iPhone 15 a new model at the price of the used model

The iPhone 15 was marketed by Apple a few months ago at a price of 969 euros. That’s a completely normal price for this type of device, in fact it was slightly cheaper than the iPhone 14 model when it was released. However, and we know this very well, the prices of smartphones fall in the months after they are marketed. And some sellers can now offer the iPhone 15 for 779.99 euros, which corresponds to 4 monthly installments of 195 euros on Rakuten. How is this price possible? It is a model imported directly from Asia, without intermediaries. Delivery therefore takes 1 to 2 weeks, but by limiting intermediaries you benefit from a completely exceptional price. Check out the ads on Rakuten, you will find it for the same price but second hand. And since delivery is free, there’s no reason not to.

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