iOS 17: WiFi problems will finally be fixed with the next update, promises Apple – Phonandroid

Apple has confirmed that iOS 17.2 should fix most of the WiFi-related bugs that users have encountered since the operating system launched a few days ago. The update is currently still in the beta phase and the manufacturer has not given a start date. Other features should also come to the fore.

Since the launch of iOS 17 in September, many users have complained about problems with their WiFi connection. For many, especially those who fell in love with the iPhone 15 when it was released, the network is actually particularly slow, even though connection quality is mostly good. The phenomenon has become so widespread that it was thought that Apple would fix the problem with iOS 17.1. Unfortunately, this did not happen, which only increased the dissatisfaction of the affected users.

So much so that the media iClarified decided to contact Apple to clarify this matter. The manufacturer has finally confirmed that a solution will soon be rolled out to iPhones. The first beta of iOS 17.2 actually contains several fixes for bugs that affect Wi-Fi quality, Apple assures. iClarified notes that after downloading this beta, several improvements were actually observed in this area.

A little patience, WiFi problems on iOS 17 will be fixed soon

Among the reported errors, iClarified notes websites taking too long to load or not loading at all, as well as frequent disconnections. We can therefore expect that all these annoyances will be resolved with the release of iOS 17.2, especially if the first beta already results in a performance improvement. For its part, Apple assures that the errors will be “permanently fixed”.

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If the manufacturer has not yet announced an official date for the deployment of iOS 17.2, we can hope that the update will not take too long to arrive on our iPhones. As a reminder, iOS 17.1 was released about a month after iOS 17 launched. Hopefully just a few days will be enough to complete the beta.

Source: iClarified