iOS 17.1: Apple disables some action button shortcuts to save battery – Phonandroid

The Action button is one of the notable new features of iPhone 15. iOS 17 Beta 3 fixes a bug that causes unnecessary consumption of device resources and unexpected triggering of programmed shortcuts.

The iPhone 15 and iOS 17, the official operating system at the same time as Apple’s new smartphones, offer a number of original functions. One of the most remarkable is undoubtedly this Action button that replaces the silent mode switch. This customizable hardware button allows you to open the camera application, voice recorder or even turn on the flashlight with a simple press. Many buyers already appreciate this “magic” button adaptable to all needs.

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However, the implementation of the action button suffers from this certain youthful defects. Although you have to long press it to use it, this is the most common complaintit activates unexpectedly when the iPhone 15 is in a bag or pocket. This is not a problem if you quickly notice incorrect handling, but it can certainly be outright deactivation when the device’s battery is low and that the flashlight has been turning on unexpectedly for several hours.

iOS 17.1 prevents certain shortcuts from being activated to save iPhone battery

According to Mac Rumors, in iOS 17 Beta 3the action button the camera no longer opens, the flashlight, the voice recorder, the magnifying glass or even to trigger a concentration mode when the operating system detects that the smartphone is in a pocket or bag. In other words, Apple is limiting the functionality of the action button to extend the battery life of the iPhone 15.

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Please note that this action button change does not guarantee that the flashlight will turn on unexpectedly or take photos unexpectedly in your pocket. Her Accidental activation via the lock screen is still possiblebut there is nothing that can be done about this problem, otherwise the whole purpose of these shortcuts will be erased.