Intel introduces 14th generation of Core chips with no surprises for desktop PCs – 01net

This time it’s the right thing for Intel’s 14th generation of Core chips. After a leak a week ago, the founder has officially lifted the veil on his new processors without revolutionizing anything.

No major shakeups for this 14th generation of Core chips for desktop computers. Intel continues to rely on last year’s Raptor Lake architecture (it was inaugurated with the 13th generation), as a leak confirmed a few days ago.

The semiconductor maker is still talking about Raptor Lake Refresh just to add varietywhile laptops can count on the all-new Meteor Lake architecture with finer engraving and modular design.

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A helping hand through artificial intelligence

Intel is therefore taking a more traditional route with this 14th generation, which will equip future desktop PCs. The range consists of three main models, Core i5, i7 and i9, of which the fastest version (Core i9-14900K with a configuration of 8 fast cores and 16 economical cores) can reach up to 6 GHz – which qualifies it as “The world’s fastest desktop processor,” the company says. The price of this chip starts at $589.


Next up is the $409 Core i7-14700K, which adds 4 fuel-efficient cores for a total of 20 cores (8 + 12), along with a clock speed of up to 5.6 GHz, up from 5.4 GHz in its predecessor. Finally, the Core i5-14600K for $319 doesn’t change anything about the cores, but at 5.3 GHz we scratch the frequency a bit (5.1 GHz for the equivalent Core i5 from last year).

Intel Core 14e 2©Intel

In terms of raw performance, this new batch is a real “spec bump”. It’s always good to take it, even if you shouldn’t expect miracles. However, Intel promises a 23% increase in gaming performance “compared to main competitors,” particularly through artificial intelligence-based optimizations that ensure better resource allocation.

Intel Core 14e 3©Intel

While the gains are quite flattering compared to AMD chips (see above), they are more modest compared to 13th generation cores:

Intel Core 14e©Intel

These processors can also support Wi-Fi 6/6E/7, Bluetooth 5.3/5.4 and Thunderbolt 4/5. Ultimately, it is a rather modest update to this new generation, which will be available in stores and for installers tomorrow.

Source: Intel