Instagram is working on a news feed reserved for users who pay for certification – Phonandroid

Instagram boss Adam Mosseri announced in his chat channel that a new news feed was in development. The latter only shows certified users and accounts. Officially, this achieves greater visibility for those affected. Unofficially, this is certainly to encourage users to pay for their blue badge.

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When many are upset about every new feature from X (Twitter), Instagram is taking notes. The social network was ready to offer paid certification shortly after its arrival on Elon Musk’s platform – and the outcry the move caused on the platform. Today, this is another feature of X that Instagram is preparing to imitate.

On his personal chat channel, Adam Mosseri, head of the social network, announced that a new news feed was being developed in the firm’s offices. This allows users to only see publications posted by certified accounts. “We are exploring this as a new tool for people and a way for businesses and creatives to get discovered,” says Adam Mosseri.

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Just like with X, the idea behind this functionality is primarily to gain visibility. On Elon Musk’s platform, certified accounts saw a sharp increase in engagement on their publications, to the detriment of free accounts – and the health of exchanges. Of course, the main thing on Instagram is to encourage users to subscribe to a paid subscription and thus become known more quickly.

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This new news feed will appear alongside the existing options For you, followers and favorites, which can be found at the top left of the interface. At this point we don’t know who will have access to the tests first, but it’s likely that American influencers will come out on top, as was the case with paid certification. France is expected to follow suit within a few months.