In the game of the most powerful, the iPhone 15 Pro Max wins against the Pixel 8 Pro –

A new benchmark just released has just rated two of the year-end flagship phones: the Pixel 8 Pro and the iPhone 15 Pro Max. To our surprise, we find that the results aren’t really equivalent. The mobile phone seems to be doing well here by far. In fact, the device achieves a score of 2,890 points in single-core operation. This compares to less than 1,800 points for the Pixel 8 Pro. The gap is also very large in the multi-core range at 7,129 and 4,442 points. How many times were the numbers determined using the special Geekbench app.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max and the Pixel 8 have one thing in common when it comes to performance. The processor of each phone is therefore a proprietary design, coming from Apple’s labs in Cupertino on the one hand and from the minds at Google on the other. We often think of this feature as an advantage for the speed of the system, especially at Tim Cook’s company because it also develops the iOS platform. But the Pixels run a native version of Android, confirming the trend.

iPhone 15 Pro Max VS Pixel 8 Pro: Motherboards

The iPhone 15 Pro Max is powered by the A17 Pro chip, which also powers the iPhone 15 Pro. This includes a Neural Engine, which improves the calculation speed thanks to artificial intelligence. This means that users can expect six cores for the CPU and the same number for the graphics card. For comparison: The iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus make do with the A16 Bionic chip. It is already under the hood of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max and is still very well made today.

Google’s Pixel 8 Pro is a Tensor G3 motherboard that ships with Android. This succeeds the G2 of the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, whose engraving now has a fineness of four nanometers. The finer the engraving process, the greater the energy savings – theoretically.

The Pixel 8 Pro also has no less than twelve gigabytes of RAM. However, Apple does not share this data about its iPhones. However, we assume that the iPhone 15 Pro will be content with eight gigabytes.

The results should be viewed with caution

Before we continue, let’s remember that the rating published on Geekbench is mainly for informational purposes. In certain cases, it is therefore entirely possible that an iPhone 15 Pro Max performs worse than a Pixel 8 Pro. Additionally, the various tests that phones go through to be rated in this way are not the same for all performance measurement apps. Additionally, personal and extended use of a device varies by user – and a benchmark app only reproduces the same test pattern, for everyone. But for the most curious, it is already a good calibration solution.

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