In the future, iPhones will be updated to the latest iOS version in sealed packages –

Unboxing a new product like an iPhone can be the highlight of a day – but less so when the long-awaited installation is interrupted by a lengthy update to the device’s latest software. But… Apple seems to have found a workaround that could make the process smooth and possibly fun in the future.

Currently, iPhones purchased directly from Apple Stores may come with outdated software. However, the OEM apparently intends to change this. According to Bloomberg correspondent Mark Gurman, the Cupertino giant has a new “system” ready to roll out across its retail stores.

This is a “pad” equipped with wireless technology on which several iPhones can be placed at the same time. The device can apparently turn on all of these devices at once and then get them to download and install the latest version of iOS – all without opening a single package.

This internal device hasn’t been discovered in the wild yet, but it’s entirely plausible that it’s another potentially troubling aspect of Apple’s walled hardware/software garden. In addition, in some cases it can be a disadvantage to buy a completely new device: for example, you want to avoid a new software update that could affect the cellular connection.

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