In 2025, Microsoft will finally end support for Windows 10: a decision that could lead to the death of 240 million PCs –

News JVTech In 2025, Microsoft will finally end support for Windows 10: a decision that could lead to the death of 240 million PCs

Published on December 26, 2023 at 10:30 p.m


If your PC is currently running Windows 10, this news may not please you as Microsoft has decided it’s time to turn the page. In fact, the digital giant has decided to permanently end support for its operating system in 2025, although it is still used by almost 240 million PCs.

End of Windows 10 in 2025: What are the numerous updates from Microsoft used for?

Just like game consoles, software manufacturers also provide regular updates for their products, and this of course also applies to operating systems. So if your PC is running Windows, you’ve probably noticed that numerous updates are sent to you on a regular basis. While we realize that these updates can sometimes be particularly annoying because they usually start at the most inconvenient time of day, they are still crucial to the proper functioning of your PC.

First, these updates allow your computer to do this Better protect yourself from new computer threats that are becoming more numerous and more virulent. By providing security patches, Microsoft helps strengthen the robustness of the operating system and prevent computer attacks. In addition, Microsoft is of course taking the opportunity to address performance bugs that may prevent its operating system from functioning properly.

Microsoft is also introducing new features through these updates that make this possibleOptimizing the user experience to benefit from the latest technological advances and innovations while ensuring compliance with current standards and regulations.

In short, without updates to your operating system, your PC would simply be unable to defend itself against cyberattacks and your machine would become obsolete long before its time. However, bad news for you if your PC is still running Windows 10 since then Microsoft announces that it will permanently end support for this operating system by 2025.

The equivalent of 320,000 garbage trucks – is the end of Windows 10 really an ecological catastrophe?

By officially announcing the end of support for Windows 10 by 2025, Microsoft is actually signing its death warrant. This effectively means that Windows 10 will no longer be updated for free. This could result the scrapping of around 240 million PCs according to analysts at Canalys Research.

The electronic waste from these PCs could weigh around 480 million kilograms, which corresponds to 320,000 cars! Therefore, it is legitimate for us to question the environmental impact of the decision made by Microsoft. First, hard drives used in personal computers and data storage servers could be recycled to collect materials for electric vehicle engines or even used to generate renewable energy.

“Converting end-of-life computers into magnets that power sustainable technologies such as electric vehicles and wind turbines will help meet growing global electricity needs,” said Peter Afiuny, chief commercial officer of Noveon Magnetics. In short, the environmental impact would be partially neutralized, according to this expert.

We must also not forget the fate of all users who will be affected by the end of support for Windows 11 in 2025. If this is the case for you, keep in mind that your device will remain usable for several years after release. final end of updates: Your computer is of course becoming more and more vulnerable to cyber threats, but That’s not necessarily a reason to throw it away in 2025. Otherwise, you have the option to switch operating systems by opting for Windows 11 if your hardware configuration allows it, or even Linux.