In 2023, all iPhone users have downloaded a questionable application, as proven by the ranking of the most popular apps –

News JVTech In 2023, all iPhone users have downloaded a questionable application, the ranking of the most popular apps proves this

Published on December 18, 2023 at 12:40 p.m


The most downloaded applications in the Apple App Store are not necessarily the ones that inspire the greatest trust: this is shown by the ranking of the most downloaded apps in 2023 that Apple has just published.

Who says that December means a massive release of year-end chestnuts, among which we find rankings and reports of all kinds? Apple is no exception to this rule and has just published the ranking of the most downloaded applications on iPhones and iPads in the United States. This is an opportunity to point out that social network applications such as TikTok or Instagram are not necessarily the most popular: in the top 10 free apps, these platforms occupy fifth and sixth place.

A motion that has been controversial for several months is fighting for first place. This is Temu, the app dedicated to the Chinese online sales site of the same name.

Temu, a popular but worrying application

If Apple’s ranking does not highlight the number of downloads, it is not an exaggeration to imagine it The Temu application has been installed millions of times. It has more than 781,500 user reviews and it still ranks first in the shopping category ranking.

Temu is an online sales site that became known in 2023 for its aggressive pricing and supposedly free products – but in reality it is available for purchase. This AliExpress competitor offers a huge catalog of products at very low prices. And ordering through your mobile application offers many advantages.

Only, The application would not be entirely clear about its intentions. A recent study published on the Grizzly Reports website, suspects that Temu is hiding spyware. “The application has hidden features that enable extensive data exfiltration without users’ knowledge, potentially giving the wrong people complete access to almost all data on customers’ mobile devices,” the report specifically states.

In 2023, all iPhone users will have downloaded a questionable app, as the ranking of the most popular apps proves

“A serious threat to the national interests of the United States”

Aware of the seriousness of the allegations made, Grizzly Reports supported its findings largely by surrounding itself with independent experts who examined the Temu application’s source code. In addition to the data indicating the possible intentions of PDD Holdings, Temu’s parent company, to resell its customers’ personal data to the highest bidders, The website also emphasizes that the trader’s business simply may not be profitable. An observation already made last May by the website The Verge, which appreciated this Temu would lose an average of $30 on each order.

The idea would be to attract new customers with tempting offers for cheap products, but receiving them is usually disappointing due to their poor quality. Regardless, the client gave Temu a lot of information about himself achieving his goals. “We believe Temu is the most dangerous widespread application,” concludes Grizzly Reports. This estimates the app’s spread in Europe and the USA to be 100 million downloads. Additionally, the Temu app is not available in China, even though the platform originated there.

In total, mistrust : You have undoubtedly already been attracted by the promotion of Temu on social networks. But Getting seduced is probably a really bad ideano matter whether you have an iPhone or an Android smartphone.