If you have this N64 controller, it’s worth a small fortune today – Geeko – Le Soir

Old game items can sometimes sell for a small fortune. Especially if they are rare…

A Nintendo 64 controller could easily sell for 1000 euros at auction. It must be said that this is a model that was produced in very limited numbers… In fact, in the 1990s, the Foxdata company produced a series of four models of N64 controllers for the British market with unique patterns : Desert Storm, Red Rain, Purple Forest and finally Chrome Leopard, the color of the controller up for auction.

The company is said to have only made 800 of these controllers, or about 200 per design. It goes without saying that each of these is extremely rare. However, a British plumber named Liam Cloudsdale discovered that he was in possession of the controller in question, which he was given as a gift in 1998.

If it has been used frequently, which of course reduces the price of the controller, the fact remains that the extreme rarity of the model with its golden leopard skin pattern could well keep the object in a fairly high value range during its auction by the organizer Hansons Auctions. See you on October 17th to find out the final value of the item!

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