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Can’t stand in-ear headphones but don’t want to bother with headphones? Huawei has the solution for you. Discover the Huawei FreeClip, open headphones that are as comfortable as they are effective.

The Huawei FreeClip // Source: Huawei

Headphones or earphones? In the ear or around the ear? Bluetooth or wired? Sound insulation or passive insulation? Choosing the best way to listen to music is anything but easy, as there are so many variables to consider. Depending on your listening habits, your activities or simply for convenience, everyone will prefer this or that type of device. And if you lean more towards the headphones side, you’ll definitely be deciding between in-ear headphones and… in-ear headphones.

And if the prospect of shoving a rubber tip into the back of your ear canal for several hours a day doesn’t excite you, too bad for you. Almost. During its last conference, Huawei introduced the Huawei FreeClip. Very original headphones with an open design that adapt harmoniously to the auricle without compromising sound quality. Better yet, to celebrate the launch of these new headphones, the manufacturer is offering you a Huawei Band 8 for every purchase of a pair of Huawei FreeClip before January 31st.

An open design that is as aesthetic as it is innovative

To say that the FreeClips have an original design is an understatement. For its brand new headphones, Huawei offers a unique design that drastically moves away from the image we usually have of a pair of headphones. Gone are the traditional horn and stem and hello the trio consisting of the acoustic ball, the comfort bean (literally: “comfort bean”) and the C-bridge.

Quite logically and as the name suggests, the acoustic sphere serves to accommodate the transducer and thus bring the sound to the ear. In contrast to in-ear headphones, the acoustic ball is not located in the ear canal, but in the auricle, in front of the entrance to the ear canal. Its shape has also been designed by Huawei to adapt to most body shapes for maximum comfort.

1702914498 708 Huawei FreeClip Here are the 3 technologies that make theseFree Huawei clips

The Comfort Bean, in turn, is a small bean-shaped module that is positioned behind the ear to hold the FreeClip in place. Finally, the C-Bridge, a small bracket, connects the whole thing and ensures that it stays on the ear. The latter has a sensor that automatically adjusts the fit of the earphones on the ear to ensure a firm but comfortable hold and avoid discomfort to the cartilage.

With this design, which is as original as it is fascinating, Huawei wants to meet a need: to offer the possibility of listening to music or having a conversation without being cut off from the outside world. A need that outdoor athletes especially appreciate. For this reason, the Huawei FreeClips have IP54 certification (resistance to water, dust and sweat).

Smart Wear: Never have the wrong headphones again

The innovations that the Huawei FreeClip brings are not limited to its shape. The other big new feature on these headphones is Smart Wear. This name refers to the interchangeability between the right and left earphones. In fact, Huawei has designed its headphones in the same way, so you can’t go wrong wearing these headphones.

First advantage: you will never feel any deterioration in the acoustic experience or any inconvenience (unlike in-ear headphones). Smart Wear Detection allows you to adjust the sound as well as the “hold” of the C-Bridge on your ear once the FreeClips are installed.

1702914500 260 Huawei FreeClip Here are the 3 technologies that make theseFree Huawei clips // Source: Huawei

A small additional advantage: this technology also allows you to wear only one headphone and leave the other in standby mode. A great way to conserve your headphones’ battery if you only need sound in one ear, whether to answer a call or do two things at the same time.

Clear sound always and everywhere

Although Huawei has placed emphasis on design, sound has not been neglected. In contrast to in-ear headphones, which benefit from excellent passive isolation by being installed directly in the ear canal, the Huawei FreeClip has a so-called open structure. While the latter offers many advantages, especially in terms of comfort and transparency of hearing, the difficulty lies in correctly transmitting sound to the ear canal.

In order to offer perfect sound under all circumstances, Huawei relies on two technologies. A dual magnet speaker system, logically more powerful than a normal transducer and therefore able to transmit sound over a greater distance. Then the manufacturer used a sound wave inversion system. According to Huawei, this technology enables smarter and more precise sound adjustment while reducing ambient noise and therefore sound leakage.

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To ensure that users can benefit from high-quality sound for as long as possible, Huawei has also worked on the autonomy of the Huawei FreeClip. Alone they can be used for almost 8 hours without needing to be charged. Combined with its charging case, the autonomy increases to 36 hours, which is not negligible.

Discover the FreeClip introductory offer for 199.99 euros

The FreeClips, presented on December 12th, are already available in black or purple at a price of 199.99 euros on the Huawei website. However, the manufacturer offers an introductory offer that is, to say the least, interesting for sports fans.

1702914503 591 Huawei FreeClip Here are the 3 technologies that make theseThe Huawei FreeClip // Source: Huawei

If you buy a pair of Huawei FreeClip before January 31st, you will receive a free Huawei Band 8 worth 49.99 euros.