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On the one hand, artificial intelligence will destroy many jobs and disrupt entire sectors of the economy; On the other hand, it will encourage the creation of other areas of activity. By offering its next online store, the ChatGPT Editor, OpenIA will give the most experienced the opportunity to create their own customized GPTs, but also make them available to everyone in a GPT store. Whoever is most successful could even get paid.

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OpenAI postpones the launch of its online store integrated with ChatGPTChatGPT to 2024. Internet users will be able to find generative artificial intelligence models tailored to their needs. The smartest may also be able to make money by offering their own GPT. OpenAI promises to pay for the most popular ones.

One of OpenAI’s latest spectacular announcements is the ability to create your own pre-trained and personalized intelligence models (GPT or Generative Pre-trained Transformer) dedicated to research or specific tasks. Premium users can now configure it by recording their own instructions (prompts) or even loading documents that the language model needs to process to complete its task. Each of these GPTs will be able to perform online searches but also generate images (Dall-E) or even code. You choose.

Will access to this GPT store be free?

Soon it will be possible to offer your own personalized AI to the community via a large GPT StoreStore. However, according to Axios, which was able to obtain a memo from OpenAI addressed to developers, this store will not launch until early 2024. The idea is that everyone can purchase GPTs customized to their own needs. Professionals will be able to find templates that allow them to easily create personalized chatbots or virtual assistants, while students will be able to find ones customized to their preferred topics.

Note that those who have developed the most popular custom GPTs can even make a little money. However, at this time OpenAI has not commented on this compensation policy nor on free or paid access to these GPTs.

Until you can take advantage, you can still access voice assistance to chat directly with ChatGPT, whether you have a free or paid account.