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Convert images downloaded from the Internet in WebP format to a JPEG file without third-party software and without going through an online service, on Windows and macOS.

If you’ve made a habit of collecting images online, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that many of them use a more exotic format than the traditional JPEG or PNG, the WebP format. This standard, developed and provided by Google, is based on a lossy and lossless compression algorithm that offers numerous advantages over traditional formats. The less heavy WebP format initially makes websites lighter and thus enables faster loading. It is important that images in WebP format, like PNG images, support transparency.

Google explains that images compressed in lossless WebP (with transparency support) are 26% brighter than the same images in PNG format. According to Google, lossy WebP images are again 25 to 34% brighter than similar JPEG files.

However, the WebP format is not always recognized by every software. Some tools, such as Some tools, such as image editing tools, may not be able to process WebP images. Therefore, you should consider converting them to a supported format such as JPEG. There are numerous online services for this, most of which are free and allow you to convert your WebP images to JPEG in no time. However, using an online platform is not without risk. For example, if you have WebP images that contain sensitive information, there is nothing to indicate that they cannot be used by the service you are using. Therefore, it is safer to consider using a hardwired tool on your computer.

And rest assured: whether you’re using a Windows PC or a Mac, it’s entirely possible to convert a WebP file to JPEG without having to install a third-party application. Here’s how.

How to convert a WebP image to JPEG on Windows?

No, you don’t need to download a third-party tool to convert a WebP image to JPEG, nor do you need to open it in Paint to save it again. To convert a WebP file to JPEG, open it directly in Windows 11 photo viewer. Once the image opens in Photos, click the options button with the highlight three small dots at the top of the screen and selectSave as.


In the “Save As” window that opens, select the save directory where you want to convert your image and click Type drop-down menu. shown below. Then change .webp to the extension of your choicefor example .jpg, and then click the button Save to save your image in this format.

Windows Webp Jpeg Save©

Your WebP format image is now available in JPEG format in your chosen storage directory.

How do I convert a WebP image to JPEG on macOS?

If you’re on a Mac, the steps to convert a WebP format image to JPEG are trivial. You don’t need to download any third-party apps for this either. macOS includes a practical and easy-to-use image conversion module directly in the Finder.

To convert a WebP file to JPEG on a Mac, Open Finder and go to the directory where the image is saved. Do one Right click on it, select Quick actions then click Convert image.

MacOS Quick Actions©

In the new window Convert image It will then open. Select your conversion format (JPEG, PNG or HEIF) and then select the size of the desired image (actual size if you want to keep the image at its original size). Then click on the button Convert to JPEG (if you have chosen this format).

Convert macOS image©

A copy of your WebP image will then be automatically created in JPEG format.

How to save WebP images directly to JPEG in Chrome, Edge, Opera or other Chromium based browser?

To avoid the hassle of having to convert WebP images to JPEG, there is an even simpler solution that allows you to save any images from the web in a more conventional format. If you use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera, or any other Chromium-based web browser, you just need to install the Save Image As extension.

Webp to JPEG Chrome Extension©

With this, you can easily save images online by right-clicking, selecting Save image as JPG/PNG/WebP option and then selecting the desired saving format.