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Converting a web page to PDF gives you a document that can be read under any circumstances. Find out how to do it …

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There are many advantages to being able to convert a web page to a PDF. First of all, you can read the articles collected here and there in environments where you don’t have an internet connection. Additionally, you can submit such files to artificial intelligence services such as ChatGPT to obtain summaries or text analysis. In addition, as we will see, you will end up with a document that is easy to read, since converting to PDF only preserves what is essential: the article itself.

Print as PDF

Converting a web page to a PDF is actually extremely easy. Once the page has loaded on your computer, in a browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Opera, position the mouse pointer over some text and then do the following:

  • On Windows, right-click.
  • on MacOS: Cmd + click.

Select “Print” from the “pop-up” menu. The web browser loads a preview of what will be printed. On the right, select “Save as .PDF.” All that remains is to name the file – the standard settings are usually sufficient. You can then read the PDF document in an application such as Acrobat Reader.

Print part of a page

If you are only interested in part of a page, the process is similar. Before using the print function, simply select the desired part of the article.

Conveniently, the PDF format is adopted by many companies around the world and individuals.