How Qualcomm Seamless will soon connect all your devices – Frandroid

In addition to announcing new chips for mobile and PC devices, Qualcomm also unveiled new technologies to strengthen the Snapdragon ecosystem.

Source: Qualcomm

This new feature, called Snapdragon Seamless, enables easier interoperability between all devices equipped with Snapdragon chips, similar to the Apple or Samsung ecosystem.

The bridge between all Snapdragon devices

From smartphones to wireless headphones to smartwatches to laptops to even virtual reality headsets, Snapdragon chips are everywhere. Qualcomm has decided to leverage its market power with Qualcomm Seamless, a communication protocol between all these devices.

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Specifically, this technology will make it easier to pair two devices, locate them faster, sync notifications between a computer and a smartphone, or even share files with two clicks. As an example, Qualcomm cites headphones that can be switched on and off in an instant depending on the activity of the audio source.

Qualcomm Seamless technology is compatible with all devices equipped with a Snapdragon chip, regardless of their operating system. A Windows PC equipped with the Snapdragon

ASUS, Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO and Lenovo plan to bring this feature to their devices by next year.

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