How did iGaming integrate artificial intelligence (AI) – BLOG –

Nowadays, artificial intelligence is becoming a tool that is widely used in many industries. This saves valuable time in many processes. As one can imagine, this has not escaped the attention of the iGaming industry, which has understood very well how AI could benefit them.

In this publication we will see with you how artificial intelligence is useful for online games. As we will see, this new tool allows online casinos to function better and offers users a better gaming experience.

The benefits of AI for the online gaming sector

Artificial intelligence is very useful for online gaming websites in several categories:

● Firstly, it helps to analyze the gaming behavior of users. This makes it possible to define their profile and, on this basis, offer them bonus offers and personalized promotions;

● It is also important in online live casino. For example, we can predict traffic on the following days and adjust merchants’ schedule accordingly. On days when a lot of players are expected there will be more dealers and on days when there are fewer players there will be fewer;

● Finally, AI also enables the detection of prohibited behaviors. In fact, some players do not respect the terms and conditions of online casinos and try to commit fraud. Thanks to artificial intelligence, these users can be more easily identified and sanctions imposed against them.

Can online casinos do without artificial intelligence?

In the past, when artificial intelligence didn’t exist, there were still online casinos. However, back then, people were necessary for all the work that a machine does today.

This then meant higher costs for the online gambling site and lower efficiency. In fact, humans cannot recognize certain things as well as artificial intelligence. As a result, more serious errors or omissions inevitably occurred.

Nowadays, AI has enabled online casinos to significantly reduce their operating costs while improving their efficiency. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine that casinos will decide to forego the use of artificial intelligence in the future because the benefits of this technology are so important to them.

AI in other sectors

Artificial intelligence is very useful for the online gaming sector, but is also used in other areas. Here are some examples where AI is used:

● For listing coins. For example, Argus2euros, a website specializing in online euro valuation, uses artificial intelligence to estimate the value of euro coins;

● In the insurance sector. Insurance companies can use AI to assess the risks associated with a potential customer. Depending on the results of the artificial intelligence, they can then offer a contract tailored to the customer;

● In medicine. Doctors are increasingly using AI to determine the course of a disease or when it begins. This saves many more lives.

Conclusion on artificial intelligence in iGaming

We hope you now have a better understanding of the role of artificial intelligence in the iGaming space. As you can see, this is a great tool that online casinos really value as it allows them to improve their efficiency.