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Published on December 30, 2023 at 01:28 by Aurélia ABISUR

Although we see it almost every evening, our satellite has not yet revealed all of its secrets. Discover some facts about him that you may not have known.

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The Moon, Earth’s only natural satellite, appeared about 4.46 billion years ago, “shortly” after our planet (4.54 billion years). Since the scouting mission Apollo 11, 1969, where humans first set foot on its surface, much has been learned about it. However, she hasn’t revealed all of her secrets yet.

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A big step for humanity

With the conquest of the moon, humanity has undoubtedly taken one of its greatest steps. The moon is that natural and unique satellite of the Earth ; But it also takes a 3-day space trip to combine that 384,000 kilometers that separate the two stars. It is also a surface covered in craters or the presence of water in the form of glass beads. Above all, there are a whole series of other puzzles that can hardly be solved.

3 facts about the moon you didn’t know

Since 2023, India is part of the club of four nations of the world that have gone there and thus entered its hidden face. All different missions taken together allow for a deeper understanding of their composition and other characteristics. Here are three.

1. The moon is moving away from the earth

From the first Apollo missions in the 60s and 70s NASA astronauts Took a habit of measuring the distance between the Earth and its satellite using reflectors mounted on the satellite. Over the years, scientists have found that the moon is receding at a rate of 3.8 centimeters per year. In a few million years we will therefore have to say goodbye to solar eclipses, but also get into the habit of looking at another star in the sky.

2. The moon is a mini planet Earth

Our ancient rock satellite 4.46 billion years was created after a Mars-sized planet called Theia collided with Earth. Huge amounts of debris from the Earth’s early crust were thrown out. When they merged, they formed the moon, which has been orbiting our planet ever since.

3. Its tectonic plates are in constant motion

And yes, there is Earthquake on the moon. Shouldn’t we rename it “Moonquake”? They are evidence that the star’s tectonic plates are in constant motion. The Earth’s gravity is also not completely independent of the situation. One of the last very strong shocks recorded dates back to August 2023.

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