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Game News Have you completed Starfield? Start a new journey into space with this game, on sale at 30% off on Steam

Published on July 10, 2023 at 6:05 p.m


Space adventure lovers: Everspace 2 is currently having a great promotion on the Steam platform.

Have you finished Starflied but only have one idea in mind: returning to space? Maybe we have a solution for you. Everspace 2 can be defined as an open-world shooter set in the immensity of space. As for the story, here the developers at Rockfish Games propose to follow Adam, a pilot who is “searching for his place in the universe” as his past resurfaces.

The player is invited to take part in a campaign lasting several dozen hours with a real narrative or to take part in a multiplayer mode that promises good battles. In short: if you want to constantly control spaceships, this experience is for you. Also expect there to be secrets to uncover and a handful of vehicles to recover throughout the epic. The PC game is relatively new and was eligible for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series ports in August.

Have you finished Starfield?  Start a new journey into space with this game, on sale at 30% off on Steam

On Metacritic, Everspace 2 scores 81/100. For our part, we liked the pleasant and very accessible handling of Early Access, the devilishly effective confrontations, the rhythm of the adventure and the very solid technology. As for the final version, PC Gamer considers Everspace 2 to be a well-made space adventure and even “one of the best examples of the genre we’ve ever seen.” IGN Italia maintains excellent graphics and a very good combat system, unfortunately “marred by a lackluster story.”

The Everspace 2 game currently costs 34.99 euros on Steam instead of 49.99 euros. A -30% promotion is only valid until October 9th. And if you’re unsure, there’s a demo available on the platform.

  • Buy Everspace 2 at 30% off on Steam

Also in Xbox Game Pass

If anything, we would like to remind you that the game is also available in the well-stocked catalog of Xbox Game Pass, the virtues of which Michael Schade, CEO and co-founder of Rockfish Games (the studio behind Everspace 2), recently praised. In a recent interview with the owners of the Xbox Expansion Pass YouTube channel, he admitted that his team credited the service with making the game so impressive and polished: “We could have made Everspace 2 without going to Microsoft sign, editor.” Note ), but it would have been smaller. It means maximum flexibility, additional funding, you just make a better game and everyone is happy. Thanks to the Game Pass deal, even PlayStation fans will get a better game on PS5. To be honest, I haven’t seen any decline (in sales on Steam).

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