Have a Nice Death: This roguelike appears on XBOX and PLAYSTATION – ConsoleFun

PlayStation and Xbox players can rejoice because I wish you a happy death, the 2D roguelike from Gearbox Publishing and Magic Design Studios, is now available for €24.99 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Because good news never comes easy (and to reward fans’ patience), players can get it at a discounted price on PlayStation Plus and Xbox from now until December 18th.

Watch the launch trailer on PlayStation and Xbox here:

Have a Nice Death released on PC and Nintendo Switch in March 2023 and was praised by critics and the public for its beautifully hand-animated visuals, procedurally generated level design, lovable characters, and sense of macabre humor. I wish you a happy death was highly recommended to all roguelike fans and received consistently positive reviews upon initial release. Now players on PlayStation and Xbox can get their hands on this deadly action game.

“Like our fans, we can’t wait to see Have a Nice Death on PlayStation and Xbox today. The support we have received from our amazing community over the years has been incredible and we are forever grateful. To all PlayStation and Xbox players: thank you for your patience. We hope you enjoy your time with Death Incorporated! » – Simon Dutertre, Lead Game Designer at Magic Design Studios

I wish you a happy death is a deliciously macabre action-roguelike adventure in which players take on the role of Death, CEO and founder of Death, Incorporated, a thriving multinational corporation specializing in the treatment of souls in the afterlife. As its steadfast leader, players explore the dark, procedurally generated floors of the multinational corporation’s headquarters and must bring unruly employees who ignore Earth’s death quotas and hoard souls back on the right path. But gaining the upper hand over the Scourges, the bosses of each department and their minions will not be easy and will require multiple playthroughs. Luckily, players have an arsenal of more than 70 weapons and spells, as well as impressive upgrades, at their disposal to complete their task.