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When it comes to gaming, it’s been a long time since we’ve had such a good year in gaming. Hi-Fi Rush, Resident Evil 4 Remake, Cocoon, Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, Final Fantasy XVI, Tears Of The Kingdom, Alan Wake 2, Armored Core VI, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Dave The Diver, Planet Of Lana, Deliver Us Mars , Jusant, Pikmin 4, Lies of P, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Humanity, Street Fighter 6, Baldur’s Gate 3… There was something for every taste, every style, every budget, every age and every platform. If you’ve been bored this year, it’s time to change your passion.

But this year has also claimed many sacrifices, starting with the people who make the games. More than 9,000 people in the JV sector have lost their jobs in 2023. The reasons are many: a metaverse that doesn’t prevail (Epic Games), the Saudis smelling a scam (Embracer), Electronic Arts (Electronic Arts), a box managed anyway (Unity),… But the result is the same. Many talented people find themselves on the sidelines while their bosses gobble up their salaries and shares. Even if they fail miserably at their jobs (John Riccitiello) and/or behave like the worst trash on the planet (Bobby Kotick), they leave with a crazy golden parachute. Capitalism is beautiful. We still don’t understand why we don’t bring out the guillotine every now and then.

The other casualty this year is E3. The venerable drawing room ended up being moved to the left, but we think something will eventually take its place. It is inconceivable that there is not a major professional JV show in the North Atlantic. Serving games have also suffered significantly in 2023. Quite a few were canceled or redesigned as “classic” games. Others lost popularity because they were too greedy like Destiny 2 or were less well received than hoped like Diablo IV.

Vaguely related to the JV, but Twitter became the internet’s trash can in 2023 because its megalomaniacal boss leaned so far to the right that many people fled the anti-social network and turned to one of these numerous competitors. Factor has set sail in Bluesky and Mastodon and we invite you to follow us. Don’t hesitate to ask us about invitations for Bluesky. Someone has to have one.

There has also been some movement in the press with the creation of many new websites/YouTube channels from industry veterans: Sumimasen Turbo by former Gamekult alumni, Origami by a less experienced Gamekult veteran and friends, Second Wind by The Escapist Alumni and Aftermath by Kotaku Alumni. They are all funded by the generosity of readers/viewers, just like us. We would also like to thank everyone who donates money to us via Tipeee or simply reads us regularly and/or participates in the community view of the site. Factornews only exists because you are here to read the crap we write.

On this topic, 2023 claimed two victims in the editorial team: Zaza and Nicaulas. But we’ve gained a Let’s face it: it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find motivated people to write regularly on the site without being paid specifically for messages. That’s why we’re trying to increase the number of contributors to constantly have new content, and that’s the sticking point. If adventure tempts you, come and say hello to us on Discord!

Let’s go. I’ll tell you what awaits us in 2024, but age and champagne are taking their toll, so I’m going to bed. Now all that’s left for me to do is wish you a Happy New Year 2024! If you’re looking for a resolution for 2024, try introducing your loved ones to video games! I flew a lot in 2023 and was amazed at how few people were playing. I’ve seen almost no switches and even fewer Steam Decks. Hardly anyone played on cell phones or iPads. Gift your spouses/brothers/sisters/nephews/nieces games and consoles! Show them there’s more to life than just Call Of Duty and FIFA EA Sports FC!