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Gaming News Hackers have taken over EA Sports FC 24 so much that it is impossible to reach the Club Pro rankings without cheating

Published on November 18, 2023 at 4:56 p.m


At EA Sports FC 24, hackers have taken over Clubs mode, one of the community’s most popular modes.

Hackers are taking over Clubs Mode

Published last September, EA Sports FC 24 inspires football fans all over the world. Even though the software does not use the name FIFA, this work is still in line with its predecessors and offers a relatively similar experience. Apart from the new features in the gameplay, we find more or less the same game modes that made the success of the Ultimate Team license.

Among the community’s most popular modes, EA Sports FC once again includes Clubs mode – also known as Club Pro, which offers the opportunity to create a customized player and create a club to play with friends against other online opponents. A particularly popular game mode that was unfortunately ruined by hackers in this version.

A completely ruined leaderboard

Of course, if games like EA Sports FC are to satisfy fans of the competition, we’ll have to wait with the game’s Clubs mode until Electronic Arts responds to the unfortunate situation the mode finds itself in. So hackers got in the cross-platform leaderboard and now claim the first places on the podium. From 1st to 15th in the top, we find hackers who didn’t even bother to play multiple games. As their statistics show, these players dominate the rankings, but have only played one game in which most of them would have scored more than 30,000 goals. Clearly unattainable statistics that Electronic Arts should hopefully respond to soon.


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