GTA VI: Has the pre-order date for the next Rockstar game already leaked? – BFMTV

The developers of the next “Gran Theft Auto” are expected to release a first announcement video in early December. While we wait for a possible release date, the pre-order date for the game has reportedly been announced.

The entire video game industry is eyeing early December. It was then that Rockstar Games decided to release the first official images of the next work in the Grand Theft Auto saga.

One of the big expectations for this video is whether it will reveal the release date of GTA VI. But on Twitter, the Rockstar Universe account claims to have figured out the pre-order date for the future title. He even asserts, with supporting screenshots, that an employee at reseller Argos (the UK equivalent of Fnac) confirmed the information to him.

An industry habit

According to him, it will be possible to pre-order the new GTA from December 12th. As Mashable points out, this date should be taken with a pinch of salt. Firstly, because the release went live on Twitter on Thursday November 23rd and hasn’t attracted much attention since then. Additionally, it is impossible to authenticate the screenshots presented by the Rockstar Universe account.

However, December 12th appears to coincide with industry habits. Generally, a game’s reveal images are an opportunity to start pre-orders for a title. Publishers and development studios in the industry have used this strategy in the past.

Most of the time, pre-orders for a game are available the same day a trailer is released, the next day, or a week later. Therefore, if the date December 12th is correct, it is possible to see the first images of the game on Tuesday December 5th.