GTA: PS5 and PS4 players subscribed to PlayStation Plus can mock those of Xbox Game Pass! –

GTA gaming news: PS5 and PS4 players subscribed to PlayStation Plus can mock those of Xbox Game Pass!

Published on December 27th, 2023 at 07:15


With the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI at the beginning of December, the previous installment has obviously experienced a surge in popularity again. Included in Game Pass for some time, however, Xbox players may have to pass the torch to PlayStation players.

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Will GTA V soon be missing from Game Pass?

Like many gamers, the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI a few weeks ago may have sparked a desire to re-release GTA 5. Even though the latter broke many sales records and has been released since 2013 (and) on all console generations (even on PC), you may no longer have Rockstar’s game in your own library. If you play on Xbox One, Xbox Series, or PC, all you need to do is subscribe to Game Pass to fulfill your desires – at least for now.

While GTA 5 has been available on Game Pass since last July, it appears that it will disappear from the Microsoft services catalog at the end of December. As evidence, several subscribers received a corresponding notification from the application GTA V will disappear from the catalog on December 31st. However, Rockstar’s game does not belong to the category of “soon to be abandoned” games that can be viewed in the application. It is therefore impossible to know whether it is a bug or not. However, just in case, we recommend that you take advantage of it before December 31st. We also remind you that all Game Pass games benefit from a 20% discount in the Microsoft Store, so you still have a few days to take advantage of it.

A boon for gamers who have subscribed to PlayStation Plus

While Xbox players will soon have to mourn Grand Theft Auto V, it’s the exact opposite for PlayStation players. As a matter of fact, Since December 19th, Rockstar’s game has been part of the catalog of titles available to all PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscribers. Whether you’ve never played GTA V before or want to immerse yourself in the city of Los Santos alongside Michael, Trevor and Franklin, you can do so indefinitely as long as you subscribe to the PlayStation service. Note that the game is available for both PS4 and PS5 and also gives you access to the famous GTA Online.

GTA: PS5 and PS4 players subscribed to PlayStation Plus can mock those of Xbox Game Pass!

As a reminder, GTA 5 isn’t the only game added to the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium catalog last week. In fact, subscribers to this service can also benefit from the launch of Strangers of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin (PS4 + PS5), MotoGP 23 (PS4 + PS5), Metal: Hellsinger (PS4 + PS5) or even excellent Tinykin (PS4 + PS5), which we strongly recommend you try out. Premium subscribers can even go back to another era by enjoying both Mega Man Legacy Collection as well as play The Adventures of Buzz Lightyearamong others.

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