GTA 6: The community believes it has identified Lucia's interpreter – Connect

The very first trailer for GTA 6 caused excitement among fans as it revealed Lucia as one of the main protagonist, while the second protagonist, possibly named Jason, appeared without an official identification. Lovers of the series plunged into the careful analysis of the trailer, particularly focusing on the search for the identity of the actors. Although Rockstar has not yet confirmed the cast, current community speculation suggests that Manni L Perez is the voice behind Lucia.

In the trailer, Lucia took center stage and left little room for Jason’s words. This caused fans to spend time trying to find the right actor for this character. Although early rumors suggested that Ana Esposito could be Lucia, attention quickly turned to Manni L Perez, fueled by striking physical similarities and a distinct voice that seemed to fit.

Discussions on social media quickly led to the belief that Manni L Perez is the voice behind Lucia in GTA 6. Fans point out striking physical and vocal similarities. Viral tweets support this hypothesis, citing excerpts from interviews in which Perez responds suggestively to questions about his possible involvement in the game.

Despite the community’s enthusiasm, some express concerns about the potential impact of such speculation on the artist’s personal life. Manni L Perez currently does not have a public social media profile. With no official confirmation from Rockstar, the community remains excited and ready to explore other avenues as new information emerges.