GTA 6: Excellent news, the map wouldn’t be limited to Vice City and it’s terrific – Gentside Gaming

According to multiple leaks, Rockstar’s next title could take players to all corners of the world.

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Grand Theft Auto 6: or how to arouse enthusiasm among fans of the license… and at the same time keep the tension at its peak. Rockstar Games has so far kept a low profile when it comes to the game, which is not without upsetting the most curious players. Since the unprecedented hack last September, leaks and rumors about the game continue to pile up online.

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We recently became aware of 500 missions and objectives from GTA 6 and were able to reconstruct the game’s huge map. This map, which already seems huge, could even hold surprises, with persistent rumors about the possibility of traveling between different countries.

The GTA 6 map would not be limited to Vice City

According to the trusted insider Matheusvictorbr – It was he who revealed the presence of the duo Jason and Lucia, one of the rare pieces of information confirmed by Rockstar – GTA 6 would include international destinations including Cuba and part of Brazil. Enough to give an impression of the gigantic open world that awaits us. OnI’m 80% sure that Carcer City, VC, Cuba, among others” will be part of the play areas.

In other words, It would be possible to travel in GTA 6, beyond the borders of Vice City, a fictional city inspired by Miami. News that will certainly not go without displeasure among the players. This hallway noise was also mentioned by YouTuber McVicker, who tells us a little more: “There is a time jump. The action takes place in the Miami, Florida area and partly in Cuba. It’s about drug trafficking, it’s about bank robberies and it’s coming to theaters in 2024.”

Cuba and Brazil represented in GTA 6?

If this information is confirmed, the size of the game could be crazy. For comparison: GTA 5’s map is 3.5 times larger than Red Dead Redemption’s. But returning to reality forces us to say so The studio has not confirmed any of this information. It’s fair to say that Rockstar Games still has as many secrets about Grand Theft Auto 6 as the American government does about aliens.