Google is integrating artificial intelligence into Maps and it’s changing everything! – Future

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Google Maps just received a major update. The new features we find are an immersive 3D view function of places (Immersive View), which significantly expands the city catalog. You can also use the tool to determine the availability of electric vehicle charging stations. But it is the ability to search for applications that is developing the most. With the help of IAIA, it is now possible to get results for still relevant places or experiences by entering even imprecise search queries.

Lens starts the search function

The search tool also has a Lens function so that the user can take a snapshot of their location to get as much practical information as possible. To achieve this, the AI ​​processes and sorts billions of aerial, street or even indoor photos. Since Google makes its APIAPI available to car manufacturers or cities, these new features could certainly be integrated into vehicles.