Google Drive and Files offer a smart document scanning feature – Journal du Geek

The Google Drive app’s built-in scanning tool has been updated by the search engine. Not only is there a revamped user interface, but also an automatic recording mode. Scanning documents, which isn’t necessarily the most fun activity in itself, is now more efficient and user-friendly. Google is also integrating this improved scanning feature into Files, a versatile file management app for Android devices that’s worth getting to know.

Simple and smart scanning

The most notable new feature is the addition of a floating action button that allows scanning documents in Google Files. By pressing this button, users can access the document scanner; The feature uses machine learning to automatically recognize and save documents.

The camera preview interface includes two modes: manual and automatic shooting. In the first case, the user must manually press the shutter button after framing the article or document. In auto capture mode, the phone automatically scans the document after it is identified.

Regardless of the mode used, after scanning the document, users have access to a range of tools to refine the scan, including adding filters. All documents scanned using the Google Files app are stored locally in the phone’s /Files by Google/Scanned directory and can also be accessed from the Scanned tab in the Documents menu.

In addition to improved scanning, Google has added a “Drive” shortcut in the Files app. This shortcut is located on the Browse tab in the Storage Devices section. It opens the Google Drive app on the phone and provides quick access to all files backed up in the cloud.

Google ensures that scanned data does not leave the device, thereby ensuring user privacy. Additionally, the Files by Google app recently added the Smart Search feature, which organizes passports and ID cards under the Important tab for quick access and easier sharing.

The new document scanning feature and drive linking are not yet visible to all file users. As always, Google is rolling out the feature. This can be a server-side deployment. Therefore, patience is required if these new features are not yet available even after installing the latest version of the application.

For those who don’t know, Files by Google is one of the best-designed file management apps for Android smartphones. It offers numerous features to automate all kinds of tasks, such as cleaning up phone storage, organizing files, and even securing sensitive data with a PIN lock.

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