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Google Bard will now work in synergy with YouTube. Thanks to an update, the chatbot, based on generative AI, will be able to read and understand videos hosted on the platform. Above all, Bard will be able to summarize the video and answer questions about it from Internet users.

Google has just released an update for Bard. As the Mountain View giant explains on its website, the chatbot will now be able to do this Watch the videos and understand them hosted on YouTube. The company says it has “taken the first steps to enable Bard to understand YouTube videos.”

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Google Bard and YouTube: What’s changing?

Specifically, Bard will be able to do this to answer questions regarding a video. For example, you can ask the chatbot to provide you with the ingredient list for a recipe featured in a YouTube video. You can also request instructions for a DIY video or tutorial. In fact, you no longer have to watch the entire video or go back because you missed an important piece of information.

“If you’re looking for olive oil cake baking videos, you can now ask how many eggs the recipe in the video calls for,” says Google.

Note that ChatGPT, Bard’s biggest competitor, is also capable of watching and analyzing a YouTube video. Several plugins, extensions that enrich AI, allow the chatbot to connect to YouTube to watch videos. Once the video is analyzed, the user can query ChatGPT on it.

Additionally, Google Bard Video search support on the platform. You can ask the AI ​​to find a video to help you prepare a speech for a special occasion, such as a wedding. You can also ask generative AI to find videos about a specific object. To do this, simply take a photo of the object and drag it into the conversation with Bard. The AI ​​identifies the object in the image and finds all the sequences that talk about it. It’s very convenient to find a manual for a device that you just bought and just unpacked. In the video below, Google uses the example of a child car seat that the buyer cannot install without help.

These new features are in addition to YouTube extension, which allows Bard to connect to Google products and services to obtain information. This extension has been “enhanced” so that “you can have a more immersive conversation with Bard,” Google states. The American company has already developed numerous extensions to connect Bard with tools such as Google Maps, Google Flights and Google Hotels.

The update began rolling out a few days ago. The option is now available to all Internet users who chat with Bard, particularly in English and French.

Source: Android Authority