General Motors abandons CarPlay and things are going badly – iGeneration

Among automakers, CarPlay is sometimes seen as a problem: General Motors was one of the first to integrate CarPlay before abandoning the technology this year, citing somewhat biased reasons. But obviously the interface chosen by the American manufacturer is not yet ready and the initial feedback is quite disastrous.

The new user interface, beautiful in the photos.

As our colleagues at 9to5Mac note, not including CarPlay isn’t necessarily a problem if the interface holds up, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at GM.

Edmunds’ initial feedback is eloquent: the system rebooted in a loop, periodically displaying a vehicle that was in the middle of the Pacific, all while driving to an event… on the brand’s new model. After restarting the car the error cleared up before reoccurring a few hours later. The vehicle (which is less than two months old) also displays numerous error messages, some without logic: one of the examples mentioned is the message that charging cannot be carried out… even though the vehicle was not connected. . The website also lists 23 issues to fix at the end of the article.

With InsideEV the situation is the same: lots of errors. Of note is the audio system that increases the volume to maximum after a spontaneous disconnection, an infotainment system that loses information (with a black screen) before turning on and off in a loop for half an hour after a restart. The problem has occurred several times and one of the ways to restore the display seems obviously to be to answer an incoming call…

The crashed interface, according to InsideEV.

Our colleagues also note that the security argument put forward by General Motors, which explains that its system allows you to avoid taking out your phone, is somewhat undermined when you have to search Google for solutions to fix the problems. Mistake. Finally, we would like to remind you that the problems that seem to be here on the hardware but also on the software are not inevitable: Tesla manages to offer a stable and generally appreciated interface… even with the absence of CarPlay sometimes pushes people to try things out unlikely to integrate the Apple interface.

I tested Tesla Android, an option for those who really want CarPlay in Tesla