Four players could reach 1000 points this season – HabsolumentFan

This season could be historic for some NHL players who are quickly approaching the prestigious 1,000 career point plateau.

As highlighted SportsnetThree players are dangerously close to reaching that plateau and could do so as early as this year.

It is Phil Kessel currently a free agent (992 points), John Tavares Toronto Maple Leafs (975 points) and Blake Wheeler New York Rangers (922 points).


Kessel is just 8 points away from reaching the historic plateau, Tavares is just 25 points and Wheeler is 78 points… But Sportsnet has forgotten one player on its roster and that would be quite an accomplishment. He recognized it.

Some Connor McDavid At just 26 years old, the Edmonton Oilers already has 850 career points. This means he is 150 points short of reaching the 1000 mark.

Considering McJesus finished last season with a spectacular 153 points and shows no signs of slowing down, we have to admit that he could realistically reach that legendary plateau when he’s nowhere near his 30s.

To give an idea of ​​McDavid’s performance, Phil Kessel is 35 years old, John Tavares is 33 years old and Blake Wheeler is 37 years old. Let’s also not forget that the 26-year-old star striker has already missed half a season due to injury, otherwise he would have come even closer to the feat.

It’s absolutely phenomenal!