For our fingers, our eyes, to interact with smartphones? – Business AM – FRI

Jennifer Mertensby Jennifer Mertens
published on Saturday, October 28, 2023 at 2:21 p.m. •
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It’s time for a show of force in the smartphone sector. After the device that wraps around the wrist, here is a device that we can control with our eyes. From then until you find yourself in business? Good question.

News : Honor introduces its new smartphone, the Magic 6.

  • The device will use Qualcomm’s latest generation mobile processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.
    • Enough to benefit from some AI features, but that’s certainly not the smartphone’s most notable advantage.
  • The Magic 6 can actually be controlled using eye controls. At least that’s Honor’s promise.

Open an application by eye

Like the flexible smartphone from Lenovo and Motorola, Honor has unfortunately not skimped on functionality.

  • The latter is called Magic Capsule and allows (among other things?) to open an application with the simple power of our “weapon eyes”.
  • How ? Thanks to “multimodal interaction based on eye tracking,” says Honor.
    • By changing your viewing direction, you could actually open a notification, as shown in the demonstration video shared by the brand.

A lot of questions

  • When you say tracking, you say sensor or at least camera.
  • However, for the experience to be convincing, we can imagine that this monitoring is permanent. Which of course raises questions about the confidentiality of this functionality.
    • Constantly knowing where our eyes land on the screen could be valuable information for advertisers, but not only that.
  • And that’s not the only question we have about him. How exactly does it work? What are its limits?
  • But most importantly: Would it be available at the launch of the Magic 6? We have great doubts on this topic.

Besides : A feature like this could be a real advantage for Honor in terms of accessibility. It also seems that manufacturers are working to improve their products to this level, as Apple has shown with its latest smartwatch.